Confessions of a she-male whore

Eassy now boys and girls! It’s been a good four months since I’ve posted my blog so thought it was time for a little update. It sounds stupid, but I’ve matured so much over the last couple of months. My outlooks towards men and sex have changed drastically. Don’t get me wrong, I still love getting my arse pounded by a fit man with a massive dick like but my morals are totally different. I’m not dishing freebies out to just anyone nowadays, sex alone doesn’t interest me as much. I’m kind of looking for more than that now, I know escorting kind of limits the amounts of guys that will be interested in dating me but I’m quite happy to only blow my load on the old men’s faces that are paying for it and enjoy the odd drunken one night stand until I find a guy that understands that work is very different to pleasure or one that is that amazing, I’m happy to stop escorting for and get a ‘real’ job – hopefully it’ll be the first option, 9 to 5 is really not my thing.

For example, a few weeks ago I started speaking to a guy on Facebook. We were having like a real conversation rather than talking about how hard he wanted to fuck me, and after telling him I was trans he was still interested in taking me for a drink. He looked quite hot on his pictures, and we were getting on well so I had high hopes for him, well as high as your hopes can be before meeting someone in person. We swapped numbers and later that night he called me and explained he was feeling really upset about his ex, something had happened at his friends party and he needed someone to talk to, and asked if he could come around for a drink and a chat and said he would be at mine in half an hour. Now, it can take me up to three hours for me to become the beautiful woman that you all know so well, NOT half an hour. But me being the good Samaritan I am agreed and literally dipped my face in my makeup bag before he arrived. As soon as he got here it was very clear he didn’t just want to talk, which I’ll be honest pissed me off a little. I tried my hardest not to have sex with him, but I ended up fucking his arse doggy style before he blew me off to completion – mybaaad. But he called again the next day and said he wanted me to ‘destroy him again’ to which I replied ‘yeah babe, like I said I’m not really interested in just sex … if you want round two, you’re going to have to earn it. Take me out or something, get to know me and that …’, needless to say I never heard back from him. But I’m proud of myself for saying ‘no’.

Another example, I’ve got a really close friend that is also trans. She’s had this boyfriend for the last six months or so who in my opinion seems a bit of a twat. He didn’t want anyone knowing about their relationship, they didn’t really go out anywhere together, it seemed to me to be ‘regular sex’ rather than a ‘relationship’, and it came to an end when a couple of his friends found out. Anyway so my friend had been really upset and down about the situation and we had spoken about him loads. One day I log on to my Facebook account to see a message in my inbox off of him saying ‘why do I find girls like you attractive?’ … now a few months ago I actually said to my friend ‘Babe, I know it makes me a bad person and I don’t mean to do it but if I ever get the opportunity to fuck your boyfriend, I will. So I’m apologizing in advance.’ And up until a few months ago, I would have taken the message from him as an invite in to his boxers and around his dick. Butt, ask me what I did … I inboxed my friend and told her about the messages.

I’ve turned down loads of guys for fucks recently. I’m just not interested in getting used for sex any more, unless of course I’m getting paid for it Ha. But like I said, business is a completely different matter to pleasure. And of course, since I’ve started implying the ‘no fucking on first meet’ rule, I’ve had a couple of drunken slip ups, and there’s one or two guys I just can’t say no to but apart from that .. I’m not really that big of a slag any more. I’m not saying I want to get married or anything, I’d just like to be treat like a princess every now and then; Treat like a princess, and fucked like a porn star ;)

Kids, it’s nearly 4am and I’m pretty tired so I apologize if this post isn’t as witty or a little lack-luster compared to my other posts. I may edit it a little once I’ve slept. Happy reading …

So, I should really begin by saying happy 2012.. New Year; new start and all that shit? To be honest, I had the worst start possible to the New Year, I mean no one’s died or anything but it’s been pretty shitty. I had a visit from the police who told me due to complaints from my neighbours and the building management of my apartment block, I could no longer see clients from my home, which of course meant I had lost my first and main source of income which in turn meant I couldn’t afford to pay the rent, therefore also losing my home. Being skint meant I had to cancel my plans of going to London for New Year’s Eve, which was a massive shame as I was really looking forward to seeing my dad’s side of the family for the first time in over two years. I then lost my bar job, which of course was my second and last form of income, leaving me flat on my arse and without wanting to sound ridiculously cheesy, made me feel like I’d lost relationships with people that had kind of become my second family (BLERRRGGGH.).Now, when you’ve been used to literally throwing money around like it’s going out of fashion, being poor is the hardest thing in the world! Little things like not being able to wear heels every day, because you can’t afford to get taxis down the street anymore, so it’s more cost effective to wear flats during the day, really start to upset you. You begin to see cracks in your ‘friends’ loyalty and realise who is important to you, or more so, who you are important to. And of course, being off my face more or less every night since before Christmas hasn’t really helped the situation either. The come downs have made everything seem a lot worse than it is. They’ve made me feel paranoid about my relationships with my friends. And they have caused me to have horrendous mood swings and cry at any given moment. It’s not been great. Literally been getting emotional changing my socks! Ha. You can take the balloons down now kids, my pity party is over. On to more positive things … Life is turning back around in my favour now; I’ve got my bar job back, I move in to a new apartment at the end of February which will mean I have a space to work from again – So I can go back to spending money in a frivolous way :D Sadly, I’m still waiting for Prince Charming to come and whisk me off my feet, but I don’t mind waiting a little longer – boyfriends tend to ruin the fun of being a wreck head, cum bucket anyway! Haha. One thing good to come out of the New Year, was my first fuck of 2012! Now, as you all know I try my best to keep the identities of my sexual partners mentioned in my blog anonymous. So, I can’t go in to too much detail of how I met this guy because I’ve genuinely told no one that I’ve fucked him yet! So in keeping to my promise I’ll have to cut out some parts of the story. After having a shit night out for new year, me and my friend decided to leave town early and go back to mine for a few bevvys and maybe see if there were any after parties going on. I decided to text a guy on my phone I had fucked before and wish him a happy new year, he is amazingly sexy and I’ve fancied him for a while now! He’s got a decent body and a good cock on him. The way he talks and holds himself is hot too … He’s generally got quite a lot of sex appeal. He called me after I had text him anyway, and he was an absolute mess. But he told me he wanted to come and fuck me. Now, as much as I love my friends, I’d gladly push them in front of a bus if it meant I was going to get a decent lay! Horrible but true. Of course I didn’t have to push my mate in front of a bus to get this guy around, I just made sure she was okay with leaving first and paid her taxi home. On his way, he called me a couple of times in the taxi, letting me know how excited he was to ‘ruin me’ upon his arrival. We were straight to it as soon as he got here. He stripped of, revealing a rock solid cock ready for me to have a decent nosh on before he tore my thong off and returned the favour. He kept stressing the fact that he was worried he didn’t know how to give head properly, but I assured him ‘uhhh no you’re doing great, uhh ..’ and pushed his head back down so my cock was touching the back of his throat. It wasn’t long before we were on the couch, him holding his legs back and me sliding in and out of him. We then decided to go through to the bedroom where he fucked me on my back, on all fours and with me straddling his dick. There was lots of oral both ways and we both fucked each other until completion. We had a short cuddle and power nap, and then had another mess around before it was time for him to leave. So sexually, I had a pretty great start to 2012 – Hopefully, every shag will be as enjoyable as this guy was! Aha xx

So like I mentioned a previous post, I pretty much accept every friend request that I receive on Facebook. Even if there from another country, there’s always that possibility that they’re your long lost brother or sister and there adding you on Facebook to try and get in touch with you„, Unlikely, but you know what I mean. And if it’s a case of there really a seventy year old man under the alias ‘Chad Hardick’ using a photo of a Calvin Klein model as there profile picture, well they make you look a little more popular and every time I get told I’m beautiful, it does make me smile regardless who’s telling me. However, I very rarely speak to any of these people. I think its fair they get to wank over my pics and I get told I’m pretty; If they want conversation that’s when money has to get involved. But since I’ve developed a very strange(but very fun), on-going, ‘fuck buddy-esque’ relationship with someone that was once one of those annoying guys I’ve been a little more lenient to how many of my messages I now reply to. Don’t get me wrong, if your profile picture is of a vegetable I’m still going to ignore you. Or if you’re from Uganda, but ‘you’re really interested in getting to know a girl like me’; find a girl in Uganda to get to know. If you have six friends including me, and your profile picture is blatantly googled, we won’t be exchanging messages. And finally, and I hate having to say this because it makes me seem like a really shallow person but if you’re plain ugly, I appreciate all the nice things you say to me but you’re more than likely going to get ignored too. But, if you’re exceptionally attractive, have a great body, are aware that I’m transgender and are okay with that, live locally then you’ll possibly get to engage in conversation with me. Oh, and if the convo goes … ‘hi … hows you? … wuu2? … will you go on cam? … can I suck your cock? … plz plz plz…’ Regardless to how many of the above boxes you fill, you’re again going to get blocked. Oh! One final thing, don’t ask me if I have any hot, tranny friends that would be up for a threesome! My ultimate pet hate! How would you like it if I was chatting you up and asked if you think your football team would like to come join in? I don’t like to share my toys and if I decide I’d like to, I’ll suggest it. But … If you make it this far; you’ve checked all the boxes, had some good banter, and haven’t tried adding all my friends then by now I’ll possibly send you my number and we can start texting. Well, I got to this stage a few weeks back. A guy sent me a message asking if I worked in Fibre (the bar I work in on weekends) which intrigued me. So I replied and we started talking. Turns out he’d seen me working one Thursday night and had been searching for me on Facebook since, apparently. We were texting for days, he seemed like an amazing guy. He had asked me if I was looking for a man or just a fuck and I explained to him that being a transgender, prostitute kind of limits your options in the dating field. But ideally, it would be nice to find a man to look after me and all that shite. He told me that ideally, I’d be his. He wouldn’t give a fuck what anyone thought of me as long as we were happy and if his friends didn’t accept me as his bird, there not real friends. So this all seemed amazing to me, I’d never spoken to a guy an outlook like that of my situation like that. So I arranged to meet him one night after work for a few drinks and then if things went well, we’d go back to mine for a few more ‘drinks’. Now this particular Saturday, I hadn’t eaten in a couple of days, I think I was surviving off of a couple of sleeping tablets I’d eaten a couple of nights before. So when the staff shots started getting handed out at work, I eventually got myself in to quite a drunken mess. Still sober enough to function like but far too drunk to meet a guy and not throw myself at him. And that’s what happened; as soon as I met him I put the lip lock on him, played with his cock in the taxi home, sucked him off in my elevator, got his clothes off and mine as soon as we got in to my apartment. After about forty minutes, I had him on his hands and knees ploughing in to his virgin arse … another forty minutes I was letting him slide his cock in to me … You get the general idea; I put out way easier than I would have liked to. Don’t get me wrong, the sex was great! His dick was a decent size, he loved me choking him with my cock. He was asking me to spit on him and all sorts! I gave him a few facials (one of my favourite past times for future reference.) and he blew his load a couple of times too; all in all, a good time for us both. So, the next morning when we shared a taxi in to town he said he definitely wanted to see me again as we shared a passionate kiss good bye. I thought, after the conversation we had had before, that this meant maybe we’d meet for something to eat or a drink somewhere. I was wrong. In the next couple of weeks I received texts saying ‘when do I get to fuck you again sexy?’ and facebook messages saying ‘I wish you were fucking me again babe’ until he asked when he could see me again and I replied ‘not sure babe. I told you I was after more than just an easy fuck. Couldn’t resist the first time, but if you want round two you’re going to have to earn it.’ Ask me if I heard back from him? Ask me if he’s taking me for dinner next week? Ask me if he even replied to the message? DID HE FUCK. A guy has never had to lie and make me feel special to get in to my knickers before because usually I’m quite easy anyway, don’t waste your words I’ll fuck you without hearing the bullshit. But I really did believe the stuff he was saying, and it did hurt a little to find out it was all bollocks. Ah well, Another day, another man. Mia Maffia x

Well kids just a few quick stories to keep you up to date with exactly what’s going on with my pretty little ass hole. Aha, enjoy! …

Italian Stallion –

So me and a friend had decided to go out one Friday night for Leed’s monthly tranny night, I had just had my weave re-done and I fancied showing it off so going out was the appropriate thing to do. Plus, if I’m not working the bar on LFF (Leeds first Friday) I like to go out and show my face. So, me and my friend arrived in the bar I work in on weekends, and as usual when I’m drinking I immediately started on the shots. I have this really bad habit of having to buy at least one shot every time I see the bar when I’m out drinking, so after about an hour I was on my arse! Slurring my words, falling over, probably had dribble in the corner of my mouth but I looked good! - I was a hot mess. We made our way upstairs to use the unisex toilet (great place to pull by the way), and I noticed a guy basically raping me with his eyes as I walked past him. He was about 25ish, dressed nicely … He was half Italian so he was guaranteed to be attractive. He came over and started speaking to me. I asked him if he had a big cock to which he replied ‘yeah, it’s about nine or ten inches’, now he was only a short lad and while you can never guarantee the size of a guy’s cock without seeing them naked there are certain characteristics which are a usual give away to whether a guy is hung or not. Height and build is usually the biggest clue, and whilst he had quite a good body on him he wasn’t a very tall lad so I figured he was bull shitting and replied ‘I bet mines fucking bigger’, Oh how wrong I was. We swapped numbers, and met back up in a nearby club where after he fucked off his friends I politely told my friend ‘As much as I love you, I’m leaving you for a fuck’ which didn’t go down great but she understood.

So when me and this guy arrived back at mine (bearing in mind I was pretty wasted so my memory is a little tainted by alcohol.) We kissed, before I got on my knees and unzipped his pants. He lobbed out his huge dick which very may well have been nine or ten inches, and thick too! I was gob smacked (or I was about to be  da –dum-pshh haha!)! ‘That’s fucking huge!’ ‘Told ya, I’m half itallian …’ After having a great nosh on his monster member I attempted to let him fuck me. I gave up pretty quickly although did manage to get like half of it inside me, but I couldn’t take the pain. So the obvious answer was to flip him on his back and pop his cherry. Although drunk, I remember him having a really attractive arse! A little hairy, but nice hair. Not like over grown bush, just whispers … if that makes sense? Haha After blowing our loads on him, we swapped numbers and left. I’ve met up again with him once since our first encounter, and his cock was massive when I was sober too.

I Plan to fuck a few more Italians in the future.

P.O.F –

               So recently, whilst I was coming down alone in my bedroom, feeling sorry for myself and blowing up balloons for my pitty party, I realised that I don’t want to become a fourty year old, single tranny with fifteen cats and a role in the neighbourhood watch that can’t sell my arse because I’ve lost my looks with age and I’m so baggy that fucking me is like throwing a needle down briggate! Haha I mean don’t get me wrong I love fucking around, at the moment but ultimately I would love to settle down with a guy I love and care for and all that bollox. So, I signed up to Plenty of fish. I was close to commiting suicide whilst doing it as I felt like I had really hit rock bottom. But surprisingly, it’s actually full of really fit men. None of them want to settle down like, there all just after an easy fuck like any other internet dating site. In fact it should really be called ‘’. But when life throws lemons at you, you have to make lemonade! So I made the best of a bad situation and invited a guy round for a no strings fuck.

He sent me a message saying ‘looking gorgeous as ever Mia’

‘As ever? Have we met?’ I replied.

‘We’ve spoke before on Birchplace (a tranny shagger site), my user name is …’

So I was aware that he was in to chicks with dicks, and he looked sexy as fuck on his pics.

‘You want me to come round and keep you company?’ He asked.

‘Yeah why not. Are we going to end up fucking?’ Can’t fool me kids, I know what ‘keeping someone company’ means. It means ploughing there fucking arse, mate! But like I said, I was after a bit of fun. So I told him I’d hop in the shower and make his way over. First impressions – Very tall (but I did have flats on), dark, good looking, and dressed nice … eye brows were a little over plucked and he wasn’t as ripped as in his pics but he was still sexy. So once in my apartment I pushed him up against the wall and began undressing him and kissing him. When I put my hands down his pants I felt, yet another, huge cock! I got to my knees and began blowing him off. He had quite an attractive cock; huge(he told me that he’d measured it against a pint glass and it was bigger than the glass in length!), quite thick, and a nice foreskin which wasn’t too thick or long or anything and moved easily back and forth, just something nice extra to play with. After we both undressed we moved through to the boudoir were I carried on sucking his dick. I asked him to return the favour and he did, kind of. He worked around my dick and groin area with his tounge but never actually put it all in his mouth which was frustrating but felt great at the same time! We kissed loads too, which I enjoyed. I’m a big fan of kissing if its with someone that knows what there doing. I told him that he wasn’t going to fuck me that night, because I couldn’t be arsed but in reality it was because his cock was massive and I just knew there was no point in even trying. He was fine with this, especially when I told him he’d have to make do with a blow job. He lay on top of me, pinning my arms down and started rubbing his hard dick against my arse while he was kissing my neck (serious turn on for future reference; Mia loves her neck being kissed.)

‘Put a fucking condom on.’ I told him. I didn’t think he’d get very far but I was so turned on I was willing to try! He literally got maybe his bell end in before I wimped out (another note for future reference; the more fucked I am, the more fucked I can get ;) ), After dry humping me a little, still really turning me on he started talking dirty to me while tossing me off, telling me how hard and deep he was going to fuck me next time we met which made me cum pretty fast. He then knelt over me and blew his load on my face. But I will see him again, and I’m determined to get every inch inside me.

There are a few more which I’ll get typed up and posted in the next few days. Hope you enjoyed :) xx

A less enjoyable (from my perspective) but a rather funny antidote of mine, is when I took a lad back to mine, literally four sentences after meeting him. He turned out to be one of the worst sexual encounters I’ve ever had – Well that’s a little harsh, he was only young (legal though!) so probably, actually, definitely a little inexperienced. I’d finished work and gone for a drink afterwards were I bumped in to a gay lad I knew that was out with his straight friend. While I was getting my drinks at the bar, he came and said Hi to me, when I noticed his friend speaking about me. Me being secretly quite insecure I assumed he was saying something bad about me so I turned around and gave him shit eye. ‘What you saying about me? If you have something to say, say it to my face’, ‘I was saying how pretty you are …’. My snarl suddenly changed to a cheeky grin and I turned the flirt on. Before long he was telling me how he wanted me to suck his cock, but he couldn’t because his girlfriend was out with him. We disc used possibly going in to the toilets but I wasn’t in the mood for getting piss on my knees and probably catching hepatitis from the public bogs so nothing came from it however after having him talking dirty in my ear saying all types of rude things It got me right in the mood for a fuck; I decided I was getting my dick wet that night!

I went for a fag and whilst I was smoking I noticed a young lad stood on his own, staring at me. He wasn’t unattractive but I’ve shagged much, much fitter people. I’d have scored him a 5/10, but it was getting late so I decided that he would do. I called him over and said ‘are you gay or straight?’

‘I’m straight, what about you?’

‘I’m a tranny so depends how you look at it …’

‘You’re a tranny? You’re stunning ..’

‘Yeah, you wanna come back to mine?’

‘Yeah okay.’

And just like that we were in a taxi on the way back to my pussy palace! He told me in the taxi he was twenty, but he looked younger. I’d have said about eighteen. Once back at mine, we began kissing, and straight away I knew I’d made a mistake bringing this guy home. He had no clue what he was doing, one minuet he was kissing my lips, then my cheek … then my forehead. I tried to make the best out of a bad situation and got him sucking me off. Again, it wasn’t great; quite toothy – never good. So I got on my knees and started giving him head instead, during which he began asking if he could fuck me. I said no, I wanted to make him cum and get him out! He persisted in asking to fuck me so I gave in. First he tried to instantly stick it in, without even wrapping up his cock or lubing up or anything (obviously I quickly rectified his mistake – Remember kids, no love without a glove!)  but I literally wanted him gone by this point. ‘Ouch! Ahh babe, you’re too big, it’s hurting.’

See, that was my good deed for the day. I’m sure he left with a little grin on his face even if he didn’t blow his load. I looked at the time, and it was getting pretty late and I was in work the next day. Don’t get me wrong, if I’d have been enjoying myself I would have carried on and it would have been worth feeling shit at work for the sake of a good fuck, but this was pointless.

‘Shit, is that the time? Babe, I’m going to have to call it quits. I’m in work tomorrow, take my number and we’ll pick it up were we leave off another night though …’

‘Can’t I just fuck you?’


And with that, I rang him a taxi as he got dressed. I gave him my real number too (guilty conscious) and texted him telling how disappointed I was that I had to send him home. Surprisingly, I never text him after that night.

I won’t lie; my sex life has been pretty normal as of late! I haven’t had any group sessions, stuck any of my larger limbs inside anyone’s arses, tasted any bodily functions that no one should ever have to taste, slept with numerous men in one night or anything incredibly vulgar at all recently which as you know is unlike me! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been having great sexual experiences, I’ve been regularly sucking a very attractive man’s cock for VERY long periods of time (imagine the jaw ache after twenty one hours!), and of course all my clients, plus the odd one night stand here and there so I’m still leading a very active sex life. And of course I still have a few good stories from the past six years of being sexually active to burn your ears/eyes with (are you listening to me tell you the stories with your eyes or ears? I know you’re reading with your eyes but ‘eyes’ implies that your watching me, which your not .. HEAD BLAGGG haha!). But I don’t have anything out of the ordinary to tell you about! I might start a suggestion box so you guys can tell me what you’d like to read about? You send me your ideas and I’ll purposely go out and find a guy to try them out with! Like on that film ‘How to loose a guy in ten days’! That kind of idea. Not sure if it will work or not but it’s worth a go, eh? I’ll try anything in the name of literature  ;) So send me an inbox to my Facebook account. I’m pretty open to ideas – However, no animals, children or shit please :) xx

There is not one person that I have slept with (..sober)  that will tell you I’m a shit shag. I’m a great fuck! – It’s common knowledge. I’ve been told numerous times I give amazing head, although unfortunately I can’t deep throat. Regardless, plenty of guys have told me I’ve given them one of the best if not the best blow job of their life (and some of my clients have lived pretty long lives, if you catch my drift)! To be fair, after all the practice I’ve had I’d have to be a really slow learner not to be good at it, eh?! I like to think I’m pretty good at screwing guys arses too, I do get bored after a while but I tend to just pull out and shove it back in there mouth again – obviously there are condoms involved! I wouldn’t double dip, that’s just unpleasant – I guess my only downside is when I’m getting fucked, well; You know how they say ugly birds are better lays than pretty girls because they make more of an effort to make up for what there lacking in the looks department, well without blowing my own trumpet I have a banging body and a stunning face so I allow myself to lie back and let the guy do most of the work every now and then! But my arse is tight as a new born babies cunt and I’ll beg you to fuck me harder and harder (proper moaner when I’m getting banged) . I can go for hours, but can also cum on que and I’m VERY open minded to trying new things as you all know! I think that was a pretty unbiased, quick review of me in bed. I gave you a few bad points as well as the good ones, and I think I still sound like an enjoyable experience, if I was reading this I’d want to fuck me. And like I said, any one the I’ve had sex with while being corpus-mentus will tell you that they enjoyed it – bearing this in mind, you can imagine how shocked and disappointed in myself I was when the other week a lad ’d pulled stopped ten minutes in to sex stopped me and decided he couldn’t carry on!

I’d been working a student night shift in the bar I work in and whilst I was pulling a pint, I looked across the bar to see a very attractive man looking back at me. He winked at me, and for some reason I smiled and looked back down at my pint seeming quite shy and conceited. He was in his early twenties, dark hair, good body and an amazing smile. I caught him staring at me numerous times throughout the night until he came to the bar and beckoned me over. He asked my name and I got his. Unsure as to whether or not he was aware that I was a very special type of girl or not I didn’t want to indulge in too deep of conversation with him in case my voice gave it away. Not that I have a gruff voice or anything, infact people often ask if I put my voice on because it’s very feminine, but I always worry that it’ll ruin my cover – I always prefer to break it to them in text. I told him how nice his smile was and walked away. At the end of the night I got one of the girls working to give him my number. He got in touch later that night and we exchanged texts for the next couple of days until he decided he was ready to come back to mine. Turns out he knew I was a tgirl and liked the idea. So he arrived at mine and we kissed in the lift up to my apartment. He stressed the point that he was very nervous but I insisted it would be fine and that I’d look after him. Once in my apartment, he hopped in the shower whilst I waited in the bedroom. He then walked in in a pair of white Calvin’s, he had a great body; A little slimmer than I prefer but he was still pretty built and he did have an amazing smile! We kissed again and I began to kiss his neck, then his chest … stomach and then pulled his cock out of his boxers. I was shocked to see he was still soft but he had been out so I put it down to the sniff. He didn’t seem to have a beast of a dick but he may have been a grower not a show-er (I guess I’ll never know!). I put his dick in my mouth and began to give him oral. After about five or ten minuits he stopped me and said ‘I don’t think I can do it. I’m so sorry, but I’m too nervous’. ‘What?’ I replied. He had one of the fittest trannies in Leeds (I need to have words with my ego …) sucking his cock and he still had nerves? ‘Right, well you know where the door is …’ Probably a little harsh but I was offended! So many things went through my head – ‘am I not sucking his cock well?’ ‘Am I not pretty enough?’. He apologised again and assured me it wasn’t my fault and that I was beautiful but he just wasn’t ready. I let him stay an hour or so once he had got dressed and we chatted. He told me he had seen me around town before and he’d actually had a wank over me, which I felt quite flattered by for some un-be-known reason! So he left on good terms but the whole experience still knocked my ego down a few pegs, for an hour or so. Obviously now it’s back sky high where it belongs. I just hope this is the first and last time this ever happens.

Mia xx

Now, I’m not a great believer in love. I mean, I know it exists – I love shoes for example. Fat people love cakes, pigs love mud, nuns love Jesus; you get the picture. But the idea of being IN love with someone, doesn’t really sit well with me. Having to devote the majority of your time and energy to one person for the rest of your life? No, no. Being faithful and having the same cock inside you, every night, forever?!  FUCK OFFFFF. You might be saying ‘aww Mia, you’re only young, you’ll find someone’, or ‘fucking hell you’re a selfish bitch’. You’re probably right, but right now I can’t imagine going on a night out, meeting a really fit guy who is totally on it and only thinking ‘aww I can’t wait to get home and get in to bed with my boyfriend’ as oppose to ‘get me home mate and fuck me silly!’, in fact I think a lot of people in relationships secretly feel like this too. In my line of work I sleep with married men and men with girlfriends all the time. Now you can’t tell me that these men are in love with there partners when there secretly shagging me? It’s all bollocks. And I’m sure I’m not the only dirty secret out there. Right now all over the world there are men and women straying away from the one they’re ‘in love’ with. And please, don’t judge me for gladly sleeping with men that are supposed to be in relationships – at the end of the day, I don’t have a boyfriend. I’m not the one cheating and I have no loyalties. There the arse holes, not me.

 I think a lot of people seem to mistake love with routine. Most guys I speak to say that there with there girlfriends because it’s comfortable, they’ve been with them so long they can’t imagine anything different. They meet a girl, get on great, decide to live together. Time goes on, they get bored, they would like to be single, but they don’t know how to be – and then they meet me ;) haha. I’m not a phyciatrist(sp?), I’m not sure on the technical reasoning behind men cheating but this is just my opinion. It’s probably has a lot to do with the fact that most of them think with there dicks instead of there brains to be fair. I’m not saying everyone is like this, don’t get me wrong there are probably loads of people out there that are in happy, stable, non-promiscuous relationships. Two of my very close friends for example – they’ve been together for a long time, and I like to think each of them would tell me during girl talk if they had ever strayed away, and none of them have. They just sit and tell me how much they miss the other, or how they can’t imagine life with out one another. There moving to France together next week, which is a massive step for a couple and I’m sure it will work out fine for them. But a lot of people throw the word ‘love’ around too easily. It makes me laugh when a couple meet on the Monday, shag on the Tuesday, they’re in a relationship on Wednesday, it’s ‘facebook official’ and they’re in love by Thursday, they’re arguing on Friday, broke up on Saturday and crying there eyes out about it Sunday! – and then it starts all over again with someone else. Get a fucking grip.

I know I’m totally hating on cupid and everything he stands for in this post, buttttt – I may have a small confession; there is one man I could maybe say I love and if circumstances were different I’d marry, have children and live happily ever after with. Mark (not even gonna bother using a code name haha). Seriously one of the sweetest, kindest guys I’ve ever met. I met him when I was still a part-time boy in Blackpool the first time around. I was in Trades (surprise, surprise) and came across him in the smoking area. I think I asked him if he had a big nob(surprise, surprise) and we got talking. I showed him pictures of me as a boy on my phone and he told me I was gorgeous. We then met up for a few drinks and spent some time getting to know each other. What I particularly thought was sweet was when we were on nights out; he would get talking to not rights and randoms and introduce me as his ‘bird’. He’d hold my hand and kiss me whether in drag or as a boy. He’s gay like so the very few sexual encounters we had (actual shocker there, eh?!) I would always be out of drag. I think we only had rudies once to be fair, the first time round. We had been out, and gone back to mine after, were I took off my make up and wig and we sat watching porn together, making out and sucking each other off. I don’t think any of us even came, cos we were on the sniff. He isn’t hung like a horse, not small or anything — average, but he gives good fucking head and looks sexy as fuck naked wanking off. Reyt little scally lad ;) haha See, this is the only guy were sex hasn’t been important so he must have been a little special!

Anyway, I left Blackpool and came back to Leeds so nothing serious ever came out of it. He kept in touch though, always checking I was okay and vice versa. I always thought of him as the one that got away. Always wondered what would have happened if I hadn’t have moved. Anyway, as we all know I recently returned to Blackpool and after meeting up with Mark and having a catch up – he told me he didn’t care wether I was a full time girl or not, he loved me for me not my gender and asked if I wanted to give it ago. I said yes and we were Facebook official (I’m such a fucking hypocrite. Lol). Any way, things were great! We spent more or less all our free time together round at mine during the daytime, out partying or nights in at mine. He even cleaned up and did all my laundry for me (great fucking catch)! He’s quite in to his tracksuits and has a few matching pairs of tracky tops and bottoms. Well, he gave me a hoodie which I’d wear tied up so it was cropped and he’d wear the matching bottoms (awwwwww<3). Seriously, would have got married and had children by now, but unfortunately he couldn’t get his head around us, sexually. Which I completely understand, after all he’s a gay man, that likes men. We tried, but it’s inevitable that I’m not going to float his boat like that. So, we broke up, on good terms obviously. But I can honestly say, I love you Mark.

So, I guess I have been in love but we never really got past the honey moon period. So, I can’t tell you whether we would have stayed faithful to each other or anything like that. So I can still stick by my original statement that love is bollocks and the biggest love in my life is make-up. Oh, and me of course. ;)

Miaa xo

Again, I know this blog didn’t have much sexual content but thought I’d throw it in there. Hope you liked.

Now, I’m the type of person that will accept anyone and everyone who adds me on Facebook. ‘Rasputin Mohamed ali Karliki from Abu Dabu wants to be your friend’ — Accept. This DOES NOT however mean I’m going to spend all my spare time getting to know them and becoming friends and maybe even meeting up; quite the opposite in fact. I accept these guys so they can look at all my pictures and it makes my friend list bigger, but whenever some guy I’ve never met tries to speak to me on chat I egnore them. And it’s a little bit sad because they continue to talk to me, and I continue to ignore them. Like you think if someone didn’t reply to you the first time you’d get the hint and leave them alone, but some of these guys are real tryers! They just keep talking, and talking, and talking. Which is a little mean on my behalf, but a little stupid on theres. Give up guys! Have a wank over my pics and be greatful for that, don’t expect a meaningful relationship out of me. There’s one guy imparticular, who added me and tried speaking to me a few times. I think I might have checked out his profile once, saw that he lived near Leeds and we had a few mutual friends but his face didn’t ring any bells so I continued to ignore him as he asked me how I was, how work was, said ‘hey’ – Obviously his efforts were in vein because as usual I chose to close the convo box.

How ever, one night after I’d been for a few drinks with some friends one of my friends asked if Id go meet this guy with him because she owed him some money so being the nice friend I am I went with him to sort it out. As the guy came closer I began to recognise him. He was one of the annoying guys off Facebook – but he was fucking fit! Tall, built, rugged and had a sexy scouse accent – just my type (well, I have many types but he was definitely one of them). As he was talking to my friend, I looked him up and down; He was wearing a vest and a very flattering pair of trakkies which hugged his buldge very nicely – and what a buldge it was! I playfully flirted with him, feeling the muscles on his arms, asking if he had a big nob, which is VERY unlike me but I’d had a drink and it had gone straight to my head „, ;)

Anyway, as soon as I got home I searched him on Facebook and sent him a message. Within no time he was asking me if I liked sucking cock(who says romance is dead?) which is a bit of a no brainer on my behalf, Um duhhh – I fucking love sucking cock! Haha Anyway, we’ve since had quite a few sexual encounters. The first time I sucked his cock, which is a great cock by the way. Good length, good girth and its quite attractive to look at. That may sound strange but you know how some cocks are just ugly but then you get your pretty ones? His is definitely the latter. Anyway, the first time, didn’t last too long, what can I say? I’m good at what I do. But we deffinetly made up for it the past few times – I’m talking 13 hour sessions of pure cock sucking, followed by a massive orgasm, accompanied by a hot facial. We’ve done live cam shows, I’ve sucked him off on my door step, on a main road, in pub bogs. All of the afore mentioned acts are very out of character for me. First of all, I’ll never usually give a freebie head unless there going to return the favour, especially for 13 hours at a time! I mean, he’s never even seen me naked before, never mind made me cum. Secondly, I very rarely let anyone cum on my face and I’ve even offered to let him cum in my mouth. Now, I’m not sure why I don’t mind doing all of this with this particular guy or even why I enjoy it – But I do. I think it might be because he’s such a sound guy. Obviously the fact that he’s sexy as fuck helps too. I’m not gonna read too much in to it. And it’s nice that we get on and have a laugh too. Who says friends with benefits isn’t a good idea, eh?


I’ve done some pretty weird and unusual stuff in my life. I’ve been pissed on, had two cocks in me at once (separate holes, not a bucket bum.), had sex with numerous men in one day, I once got asked to tie a man up and cut his hair whilst he wanked off! I’ve blown my load in a man’s mouth that had to be at least three times my age, maybe even four! But all of this couldn’t prepare me for what was about to happen „,

It had been quite a busy day, I had done a maybe four or five clients and I had a couple more to go. See, a few weeks ago I upgraded my account on a certain website so that I’m now listed in the escort directorys and business has been booming since! Sure I still have my quiet days but compared to the one regular I’ve been seeing for the past few months, I’ve been raking in the dolla! Since I’m like a matured person now, I’ve decided to do responsible things with my wage unlike last time when I had a busy patch where I sniffed and drunk every last penny that I earned. This particular day I’d decided to save up for a new laptop. Up until now the clients had been nothing out of the ordinary – A blowie here, a facial there, little bit of bum fun thrown in for good measure; just you’re average day really. I then opened the door to my next client. He was a cute, little, mature fella who booked me for an hour. Upon arrival, he told me that he was trans when he was younger but never went through with the op. He seemed really sweet, a little camp if I’m being honest.

As He was undressing he asked me what I like to do with which I replied ‘anything you like in the time you pay for baby’. He asked me if I liked being fucked and I told him I prefer being active.

‘That’s good, because what I’m really in to is BEING FISTED’


My heart stopped, and my head swung round to see if he was being serious.

‘Okay babe, well I’m always up for trying new things’ I said trying to act professional an un touched by the fact that this cute, sweet, old man wanted me to put my fist inside his arse!

Fisting (sometimes called handballing) is a sexual activity that involves inserting a hand into the vagina or rectum. Once insertion is complete, the fingers either naturally clench into a fist or remain straight. In more vigorous forms of fisting, such as “punching”, a fully clenched fist may be inserted and withdrawn slowly. Fisting may be performed with or without a partner.’  — Just incase I didn’t make it clear exactly what fisting is, that’s the Wikipedia meaning of it. It’s not my favorite past time but when there’s money involved; I’m up for anything.  So I layed a towel out on my bed, put a condom over my hand and lubed it up. He lay back, with his legs in the air as I slowly pushed my clenched fist inside him. You’d think it would be easier to do it finger by finger, but slowly my hand got deeper and deeper inside him. I tried to look like I was enjoying myself but I was seriously almost vomiting. I was now, wrist deep in an OAP and he was loving it. He requested I give him oral whilst fisting him so I did – Quite a big cock on him for a short guy by the way! His muscles were squeezing really tight around my wrist, making it slightly uncomfortable for me, so fuck knows how he must have felt! I jerked his cock until he came which pushed my hand out of his arse.

Surprisingly there was no mess, and it was incredibly clean. Looking back on it, after the initial shock it wasn’t that bad. I’m not saying I’d do it out of choice but it was an easy hundred quid! Afterwards I chased one of my house mates around the living room with my hand – cos I’m a funny fucker!


Love Mia xx