Confessions of a she-male whore

It’s been so long since I’ve really enjoyed being fucked in the arse. It hurts, I have to fast for like 24 hours before hand and it hurts - ALOT! I usually have to be relatively pissed or under some sort of influence and even then I usually don’t enjoy it. HOWEVER – I went out on Saturday night, and pulled a lad. I’m not gonna lie, he rodgered me senseless and I loved it!

I was out on Saturday night in Leeds. Earlier in the evening I had managed to lock myself out of my apartment (stupid bitch) and had to pay two hundred quid to get a lock smith out, so I was determined to have an amazing night to make up for the horrendous start to the evening. I was pretty wasted when I finally got out after necking neat vodka to numb the pain of having a big chunk taken out of my purse. I was coming out of a cubicle in the toilets in a bar in town, when a guy walked past and said ‘Wow! You’re fit you!’ .. Yes. Yes I am. My memory of the conversation is a little hazy, but he told me he was going to be on a well known tv show this year. Usually, bull shitting doesn’t help get my knickers round my ankles but this guy was hench, tanned, dressed nicely and cheeky as fuck and the fact I thought he was going to be on TV sold it. But as always, I played hard to get and it was a good few minutes before I was on my knees in a cubicle sucking his dick. Haha! He was girthy, probably seven or eight inches in length and uncut. He had a nice cock and I was enjoying sucking it!

We were soon in a taxi on the way back to mine, with my ridiculously drunk friend who he helped me look after and eventually get her in to a taxi home. This was of course after I’d sucked his dick in my kitchen whilst she was passed out on my bathroom floor. Once she had left, it was on; We both stripped off and he gave me an amazing blow job, possibly one of my top ten of all time – actually, maybe top fifteen (there have been hundreds.) I then decided to crack open the geebie – after one cap I had him bent over my bed slowly sliding my cock in his arse before pounding away. After two caps, I felt sexy as fuck – in reality however, I was probably a dribbling, horny, sweaty mess. He seemed to still fancy me however, I could tell by the way his cock was still throbbing.

I was so horny, I really wanted fucking! So I mounted him as he lay down, trying to fit his thick cock in my tight arse but it wasn’t happening. Think I called him a ‘fucking cunt’ a few times as I attempted to though! So he lay me on my back and held my legs up, and slowly pushed his dick inside me. It felt amazing! He started to fuck me, getting harder and faster making me do ridiculous porn star-esque sex noises! I loved it, I was telling him to fuck me harder ..

We both eventually realised none of us were going to cum, so I sucked his cock a little longer as he waited for his taxi to arrive.

Plans for round two are in the making, and I’ve very possibly been converted in to an anal sex fan. I think you’ll be reading more about this very sexy guy soon ;)

Tranny shaggers, more elegantly known as admirers – are they open minded straight men or closeted faggots? Regardless to what you think about them, if they didn’t exist I’d have a much tighter arse so I for one am thankful they’re about! Haha (just to clarify, I’m as tight as a new born baby’s cunt.)

There’s a secret, anonymous society of men that are attracted to transsexuals and it’s growing every day. You’re probably not aware of it because there’s a massive stigma for admirers that it’s weird to be attracted to transsexuals and it ‘makes you gay’. Well I’ve got news for you kids – you’re best friend has probably bashed one out over tranny porn. You’re dad has probably visited a tranny prostitute. You’re boyfriend probably got the best blowie of his life in a night club toilets off of a tgirl last weekend. It’s so much more common than you’d think! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying every guy is in to chicks with dicks. But there have been numerous occasions where I’ve fucked guys from the same circle of friends and I just think it’s funny that lads will proudly sit and compare notes on lasses they’ve fucked unbeknown to each other that they both got shagged up the arse by the same lass not long ago! The point of this post is to let admirers know, that you’re not freaks, you’re all just too afraid to speak openly about the matter.

So, I think a lot of people are confused about what ‘tranny shaggers’ are. I mean, obviously they are people that have sex with transsexual people but I’ve had a lot of debates with people about whether they are straight, gay, bi or just confused. Well, every admirer is different. There are guys that are genuinely straight, but still attracted to tgirls. Some of you will say ‘how can they be straight if they like sucking cock?’ and a lot of people would agree with you that they are just closeted gay guys, or at least bisexual. But these guys have no intentions of sleeping with men and are in no way sexually attracted to them; they would never suck a guy’s cock, but they will suck a dick if it’s on a girl .. Kind of hard to get your head around at first but it makes sense. Gay men, are men that are attracted to men. Straight men, are men that are attracted to women. So if a man is attracted to a woman, with a cock .. in my personal opinion he is still ‘straight’.

I think guys are so afraid of coming out as tgirl admirers because they’re afraid of what there friends and other people will think. I slept with a guy a while back that told me how he only wanted to be with trans girls, but he was scarred of what his friends would think. I had personally been messaging two of his friends on Facebook and I’d sucked another off in a club toilet. I can’t stress enough how frustrating it is! I just wish everyone would realise that it’s not a big deal if a guy likes sucking girls cocks! I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but I have slept with a lot of men in my time (shocker, I know.) .. and I have never met a guy that is properly open about the fact he likes transsexual girls. A guy that is brave enough be like ‘yeah so what?’ if his friends questioned him about it. This is obviously the main reason why girls like me struggle to find decent fellas that are willing to look at us as relationship material rather than a way to scratch a sexual itch or a dirty, hidden secret.

So do me a fucking favour guys? Grow a pair of balls and next time you’re talking to your mates about the lass you fucked at the weekend, maybe mention that you sucked her dick? Chances are they’ll be thinking that they’ve wanted to try it for a while – they may even say they did the same!

Unfortunately, I haven’t really had any sexual encounters interesting enough to write about in recent weeks. I’ve been keeping myself busy work wise, but I haven’t had a mind blowing freebie in months! I can’t even remember the last time I had sex for pleasure rather than work .. oh actually, I do. But it doesn’t count because I was half pissed, unprepared and we ended up calling it a day and deciding to rain check – I’ll be honest it was an awful performance on my behalf. So, I’ll save that story for after I’ve bounced on his dick properly. But apart from that .. and a few minor fondles at parties, I really don’t have any new stories to tickle your trouser snakes with. So, I thought I’d tell you about my first times. See I’ve lost multiple virginities; my first time with a  girl, my first time receiving anal, my first time giving anal and my first time having sex as a girl. Even though I technically had four virginities, I still managed to lose them all before my nineteenth birthday; Guess I’ve always been a horny little slut.

So, when I was fifteen I was really close with a lass that I’ve known since I was little; she was my first kiss when I was twelve, the first person I told I was in to guys when I was thirteen and the first and only girl I’ve ever had sex with. Well, I say we had sex .. we didn’t really fuck, we were just drunken, horny teenagers that messed around a little. Me and my friends used to buy a big bottle of whisky and walk round the area we lived in getting ridiculously pissed - to be fair nothings really changed apart from now I don’t have to stand outside a shop for an hour asking adults if they will buy beer for us. One night, this lass was stopping over at my parents with me and on the walk back we both mentioned we were horny and it somehow came in to conversation that we should fuck. It was said in gist at first but the more we joked about it the more we came around to the idea. So, once back at mine we messed around a little, I put a condom on and we laughed as I struggled to stay hard – fanny’s never really floated my boat. I eventually managed to keep a semi on long enough to stick it in her once or twice, but that satisfied my need to be able to say I had ‘lost my v’ and make up my mind that lasses weren’t for me. Nothing to do with the lass by the way – one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever met.

Next was getting fucked in the ass – The second time my mum kicked me out of her house I was sixteen or seventeen and I was living in a shabby bedsit in Huddersfield. I had kind of started seeing a lad, nothing serious but for about a month we spent a lot of time together. He used to come round with beer, we’d get pissed and watch films and stuff. Oh, he once took me to the cinemas to see that film ‘The eye’ that’s got Jessica Alba in it I think, which was sweet. He was only a year older than me but I remember thinking he was so mature and amazing – all his family knew he was gay and he’d had boyfriends before, I really liked him to be fair. And his dick was massive! He was one of the first guys I ever spent the night with too as oppose to a quick blowie or hand job in a bus shelter. One night, he had come around and we had a few drinks and started getting a little sexy. The in-between bits are a blur, but it ended with him having me in doggy style slipping his dick in me. I don’t think he had been with many guys either as it was a bit of a boom, boom, pow thirty second job. When I moved back to my parents, I didn’t hear from him until a few years later when I started seeing him out in Leeds – Made him blush a little by exclaiming to everyone around us that he was the first guy to fuck me in the ass!

The first guy I fucked I met in the New Penny in Leeds when I had just turned eighteen. I think me and my friends had been to a courtyard party then wandered down there after. It was really busy, and I ended up pulling this guy. He looked a little older at the time, I think he was about twenty sixish but to a freshly turned eighteen year old, that’s a man. We kissed, and swapped numbers. We spoke via facebook and text during the short period when I had my first car. Me and my best friend would drive to leeds and park up in a car park, buy a carton of wine from Tesco on the way for three pounds, then spend like a tenner each whilst we were out then sleep in the car and drive back at early hours in the morning. We had some amazing nights out to be fair; we’d call my car Chateaux de-la Punto. Anyway, for some reason we ended up driving to this guys at ridiculous o’clock after a night out and he let me and two of my friends stop at his. He had grey trackies on and a beanie when he opened the door and he looked ridiculously fit. I could see the outline of his cock through his trackies – still possibly one of my biggest turn-ons. Me and him went through to his room and started doing whatever. My memory’s very hazy, but I’m pretty sure he fucked me then asked if I wanted to fuck him. He was laid on his back, with his legs wrapped around me and I remember blowing my load as soon as my cock entered his ass! I couldn’t help it – You all know how amazing it is the first time you slide your dick in to a warm ass or pussy! As embarrassing as it should have been, I more or less ran straight through to the other bedroom were my friend was and excitedly told her I’d fucked a guy for the first time!

I don’t actually remember who the first guys I had anal with as a girl were, but I remember the first time I had sexual relations. It was whilst I was working at Funny Girls and I’d not been dressing long – it was all still very new and a little strange. I’d been introduced to a tranny find-a-fuck site by my best friend and had arranged to meet a guy after I’d finished my shift at Funnies. He picked me up in a massive tranny van and drove me back to mine. He wasn’t attractive in the slightest and was a lot older than I expected. Not like OAP, but probably in his late thirties, early forties. Honestly, all I remember from this encounter was looking in the mirror while he was sucking me off and thinking how incredibly strange it looked seeing a guy sucking a lasses dick! Honestly, back then I would have never have thought that three years down the line, I’d be a full time, confident female being paid on a daily basis to have my dick sucked by butch men. Who’da fucking thunk eh?’

Well, they’re my stories of my ‘special’ first times. No romance. No fireworks. No one I was madly in love with and it felt right… Kinda set the bar for the rest of my sexual relations in life. :|

Being an escort has it’s pros and cons. Obviously you get to have loads of sex, and who doesn’t love sex? But it’s usually with unattractive, greasy old men. To be fair, there not all that bad – I don’t exactly enjoy having sex with the majority of them but there not all as bad as you would expect. Some of them are shocking; I once had a client that told me on the phone that he had psoriasis and asked if it was still okay for him to visit me. Me not having a clue what psoriasis was said ‘yeahh, that’s fine love.’ When he arrived and undressed his body was covered in dry skin, his was a really bad case like I physically had to vac the floor when he had left, but after saying it was fine for him to come, I didn’t have the heart to ask him to leave – That was one of the hardest hours of my life!

 However, you get the occasional really, really fit one that I’d usually fuck for free anyway – and of course I get paid to do it! The moneys great and the hours are better. I don’t usually get out of bed until twelve in the afternoon; I get ready and chill until my phone rings. I work a couple of hours a day and make enough money to pay rent, bills, keep myself well groomed and in nice clothes and of course party constantly. If I’m hung over or simply can’t be arsed moving out of bed, I take the day off and can make up for it the next day. The hours aren’t guaranteed though, so I have some weeks were I’m rolling in money and others were I’m a little skint.

Then there’s the stigma of being a sex worker – everyone automatically thinks you’re riddled with every disease under the sun, just to clarify I’m not. It’s really degrading and a proper mood killer when you’re about to have sex and the guy asks ‘you haven’t got anything have you?’ It’s even worse when they don’t believe you and continue to ask. I once took a freebie home when I was living in Blackpool who more or less gave my dick a full physical examination before saying ‘If I catch anything, I know where you live and I will come find you …’ If he hadn’t have been fit and I wasn’t so turned on by being threatened I would have been really offended and kicked him out. And like I’ve said before, it’s almost impossible to find a fella that’s willing to date a prozzy! Which is fair enough, I suppose. I do get a little lonely sometimes… I guess it’s a good job I have a purse full of cash to cuddle up to on cold nights!

I mentioned how some of my punters are really fit, and they genuinely are. Not many of them but every now and then I open the door to a well built, young guy that wants to pay me money to suck his dick – fit men .. money .. sucking dick .. They’re three of my favourite things in the entire world! I once asked one why the fuck he was paying for sex and he told me that he wanted to try a tgirl and he couldn’t exactly go out with his mates and pull one so the only solution was to pay for one. Which makes sense, I mean I cost a lot of money but I’m convenient, confidential and worth every penny.

 So, the other day a guy that was passing through Leeds on business called to make a booking. Upon arrival, he turned out to be twenty six, build like a brick shit house wearing a suit (massive turn on) with a nice haircut and a dick the size of my arm. After I straddled his lap and we kissed briefly, he said

‘do you mind if we use protection for everything? Just I have a girlfriend and have to be extremely careful ..’

Now, a guy once told me that when he looked at me, he instantly thought of sex. Apparently, the second thing guys think of when they look at me is chlamydia. Grrrreat! Haha. Nahh, as gutted as I was, I understood where he was coming from. I was really disappointed though, his dick was beautiful and I was really looking forward to tasting it properly! But, the customer is always right so I wrapped his knob up with a johnny and began blowing him off. I’ve personally never used condoms during oral sex (No love without a glove for anal) and hopefully never will again – I felt like I was choking on a plastic bag, however he seemed to enjoy it. I was even more disappointed when I had to put a johnny on myself so he could give me oral. He came whilst he was sucking me off, in to his rubber which I was also pretty upset about – would have loved his load on my face! Ahh well, he was still fit as fuck and I got paid for the pleasure. Boom!

So I’ve been wanting to fuck an chinky guy (It’s okay for me to say that by the way, I’m a half breed myself.) for a while now. Not like one of those little weedy ones with specs that are good on computers but can’t speak proper English. One that’s maybe mixed race like me, with slantier eyes, hench as fuck and maybe has a southern or proper Manchester accent. Mmm yes! Bit of a bad boy with lines shaved in to his eye brows and he maybe drives a nice car and deals drugs too? – this is when you know you have too much time on your hands when you manage to think this much in depth about your fantasy fella! Hahaa. So yeah I’ve been on the lookout for someone matching this description for a few months. It took me until Sunday to realise I probably wasn’t going to find him. But I was hung over, horny, cruising for dick online and a young Asian guy started messaging me. Now, he wasn’t exactly what I was looking for… He was more skater-chink than bad boy-chink but like I said, I wanted to sample some Asian spring roll, and I was horny so I got him around.

When he arrived he was shorted than I usually go for, and less built too but he was a sound lad. He had a pot on his leg from a skate boarding accident so he sat on my bed once he’d took his coat off and I made my way towards him, straddling him and began kissing him. I began to rub his cock through his jeans until he loosened his belt and pulled his dick out and I began blowing him off. I’ll admit, it did feel strangely incestuous but he had a decent cock on him. Only down fall was that he wasn’t up for returning the favour and performing oral on me, still made me cum though with a bit of handy work so wasn’t all bad. And as I was kicking him out he asked if I wanted to chill and have a spliff, which was kind of nice I suppose. Obviously lead to me giving him another blowie, a really stoned one! I’m not sure exactly how well that went down, he seemed to enjoy it regardless of the fact I was stoned as fuck and was possibly giving his thigh, rather than his king prawn, the best sucking it’d ever had!

I blew my load, he blew his twice.. Everyone’s a winner! Still want to fuck this fantasy chinky man I’ve conjured up in my head, so if you’re out there.. Get in touch ;) haha

I’m a firm believer in the fact that there is nothing wrong with being a home wrecker. I will happily fuck your boyfriend or husband. You know why? Because I’m single and I don’t have a boyfriend. I don’t know you, I have no loyalties and therefore I’m not cheating on anyone. In fact, knowing that someone has a bird has the total opposite effect on me than it probably does to most of you, it’s a bit of a turn on. I kinda feel like ‘yeah you have a cunt, but I have your boyfriend inside me, Ha!’. Sick, wrong, twisted, I know. But I can’t help it. I’d say that 85% of the men I sleep with are probably in some type of relationship. However, if a guy is in a relationship with one of my close friends, this is the only time I’ll try my hardest to keep my hands off him. And I can usually manage keeping my knickers on with my mates fellas, that is unless I’m visiting my auntie for a couple of days who is putting up one of my mates boyfriends for a couple of months who accidently slips up and mentions that his girlfriend (my friend) told him that we had once fallen out because she fucked one of my boyfriends after I had moved away from the area. If this was to happen, then it’s game on and you just guaranteed yourself a fuck my dear. Just in case you didn’t quite grasp what happened I’ll go in to more detail.

I had stayed in one weekend after work, and so woke up on the Sunday feeling pretty fresh for a fucking change. My auntie, who I’m incredibly close to, called me and asked what I was doing. I told her, and she suggested me going to see her and like that I was on the train to sunny Blackpool! She has recently got engaged, and one of her fiancés friends that had recently moved in with them, had started seeing one of my very close friends. As soon as I arrived we all started drinking and the conversation started flowing.

‘So, what’s [my friend] told you about me then ****?’

‘Not much, just that you had two had fallen out because she fucked one of your boyfriends once…’

Now, he wasn’t really my type he was average looking with a cute smile and a cheeky southern accent. But had he not told me about what my friend had done, we probably wouldn’t have ended up fucking. But he did, so as soon as both my auntie and her fiancé had gone to bed, I said ‘Do I get a kiss then?’ and it was on. I sucked him off a little, but he mainly performed oral on me, he was quite good at it and seemed to enjoy it so everyone was a winner. This happened the next night as well, and on valentines he took me to stay in a hotel, which was sweet. Once we were alone and sober however I realised we had nothing in common and I struggled to make conversation with him unless I was going under on geebs or off my face on cat, so I decided then that this would go no further than a short but sweet holiday romance.

The valentine’s sex was AMAZING though. I had had a few caps of geebie which made the sex so intense. I fucked him all over the hotel room. I was watching myself in the mirror at one point and I was like a machine, I was fucking him rotten. I was fucked, so can’t be sure exactly how long it lasted, but I didn’t cum until the morning before we left the hotel.

Unfortunately, I think he wanted more after the three days romance. I think he thought I was marriage material. I’ve since let him down gently. It’s just a real shame, because although he wasn’t amazingly fit, he was so sweet. But there was just no spark there. Typical, I find a guy that worships the ground I walk on, and we have nothing to talk about.

I know it was a horrible thing to do to my friend, but once I heard him mention that she’d fucked one of my fellas, I saw red. Whether she had or not, she had obviously told him it was true, which in my eyes makes her a bit of a shit friend .. Makes me a worse friend and a horrible person for retaliating by smashing her boyfriend but he’d said they weren’t serious anyway.
And besides, I’ve since apologized via a Facebook message and explained the whole story .. strangely I didn’t get a reply..

Taking a copious amount of recreational drugs, drinking stupid amounts of beer, staying awake for four days partying and then using public transport whilst still wasted is never a good idea. You get the dirtiest looks off of people (well deserved really), and do stupid things. Me and my best mate went for a ‘quiet’ weekend away in Blackpool the other week, and ended up in this predicament – absolutely cunted on a train full of people. I was slightly disappointed that I hadn’t had any dick whilst in Blackpool so when the opportunity arose whilst on the train, I took full advantage of it.

After stumbling on to the train, I sat facing a guy that was about twenty-three/flourish. He was fair haired, wearing cycling shorts and a t-shirt with a sports bag with him. He wasn’t anything special to look at, but he wasn’t unattractive either, probably a 6/10. Anyway, so as the train set of we kept exchanging innocent glances until my friend went to use the toilet. Whilst she was gone, I noticed the bulge in his shorts getting bigger. I wasn’t sure if I was tripping at first, due to lack of sleep and sex but his bulge grew larger and he began to stare directly at me, seemingly checking whether I had noticed his ever growing erection. I looked behind me to make sure there weren’t any other blatant whores sat behind me, and that I hadn’t got caught in the cross fire of him actually staring at someone else – Imagine how embarrassing and disappointing that would be haa! But it was all clear, and his hard dick pressed against his skin tight cycling shorts was definitely meant for me to see. With a cheeky grin, I mouthed the words ‘toilet now’ to him as my house mate made her way back to her seat. I then made my way to the toilet and watched him follow me, pulling his t-shirt down trying to conceal his cock from the rest of the passengers on the train. I locked the door behind us and said ‘You realise I’ve got a dick don’t you?’ and he said ‘What? Really?’ giving me a cheeky wink, making it clear he knew what I was concealing.

‘You can still suck me off though’

I’m not the kind of girl that says no to sucking dick, so I knelt down (probably in a puddle of piss, you know how grim train bogs are!) and put his dick in my mouth. It was a relatively short fondle before I realised I’d left my house mate alone, and thought I best check on her. So I booted him out; I’d had a little play and it was enough to satisfy me till I got home at least. But he came back and knocked on the door ..

‘Finish me off’

So I let him back in the cramped cubicle and wanked him off whilst we kissed until he blew his load all over the floor. Looking back, now that I’m sober .. I probably wasn’t sly about the situation, so all of the other passengers on the train will have known exactly what was going on. I looked an absolute mess as me and my friend had walked down the promenade to the train station so my hair was wind swept and boooshy as fuck, and sitting down immediately after sucking this guy’s dick, with a white ring around my nose, chewing my forehead and saying at the top of my voice ‘smell my hand Vanessa… Oh, look; still some jizz there!’ probably wasn’t a highlight of my life. But the build-up to taking this guy to the toilet definitely made this one of the horniest train journeys I’ve ever taken!

When you have a one night stand, you usually think that’s all it will ever be. You’ll never see, hear from, taste or talk to that person again. So, after I’d wrote a blog about the subject of this next post a few months back, I didn’t really expect to be writing another so soon. If you remember my post about the guy I met of P.O.F, with the pint glass dick? Well, after our initial meet I didn’t see him for a while until he came in to the bar I worked in. I immediately recognised him and went to serve him. That night he text me saying I looked really nice and that he wanted to take me out. I’m always a little sceptical when a guy says he wants to take me out because it’s usually there way of trying to get in my knickers without having to open their wallet, so I asked him straight up if he meant he wanted to fuck and he said ‘no, I want to take you out’. I think we agreed on Nandos, but surprise, surprise we never followed up on the date. I honestly think, he was a little pissed, saw how good I look when I make an effort and got a bit giddy but whatever, I didn’t mind too much. Being taken out would have been nice, but you don’t miss what you’ve never had, eh? And that’s not me playing pity kitten, I’m just saying he was just a one night stand, a date would have been nice but if I’d have never have seen him again it wouldn’t have affected my life that much. I think I may have served him a couple more times in Fibre and said hi and that but like I said was no major impact in my life.

Then one Friday night, me and two of my close friends decided we were going to go in to town for drinks. As I was getting ready, I got a text off of him saying ‘I’ve just been in to Fibre to see you, but you weren’t there’; I forgot about it and carried on getting ready. Once in town and a little pissed however, I remembered about the text and called him and we met for a drink. It was nice being out with him, he’d openly hold my hand in the club and kiss me in front of people which was a nice change from the ‘you tell anyone and I’ll break your legs’ attitude some guys have towards me. After telling my friends I was leaving to go bounce on his dick, we went for a quick shot and a fondle in the toilets in the bar I work in. We eventually got a taxi back to mine anyway, and in the taxi he told me how he’d dated tgirls before. He must have been wasted because he said some pretty cringe worthy, drunken things too as I played with his dick ha But I let them slide and on arrival back to mine we got down and dirty, and as I promised in my last post about this guy, I managed to get every inch inside me. That’s right, I managed to sit on and slide his entire huge dick in to my tight little ass and ride him, it was brief and I had to stop because it was hurting a little, but it felt good to have him deep inside me. Since that night we’ve spent a few nights together, I’ve had issues with his CRAZY bunny boiling ex, I’ve sucked his cock in numerous different places and we’ve spoken quite a lot. He’s also since said that he’d prefer to keep the relationship as ‘friends with benefits’ rather than anything else, to avoid things getting complicated. Now, I’m not sure why guys think this whole friends with benefits thing works – keeping someone in your phone book and simply using them for sex .. that works. Being friends with someone and not having sex with them, that works too. But combining the two together, DOES NOT WORK. The girl always gets attached. And plus with my not just meeting up with guys for sex rule now in place, it kind of goes against my new outlook on men. But whatever, I’m still happy to have banter with him online and that, and when I’m horny his is always a nice dick to think about … We’ll see what happens eh – and I’ll keep you informed :)

So, you might remember my post about the Italian guy I fucked a while back, his dick was absolutely huge! Well, I had another go on an Italian guy recently … and I think I may have found my new favourite flavour ;)

Me and my friends had been on a bit of a bender, and I’d drank quite a bit of GHB so had really bad geebie horn! I was ready to fuck ANYTHING. I decided I was getting a booty call around, so I logged on to Facebook and a couple of findafuck sites and starting browsing the totty. It’s funny because a few weeks ago one of my friends boyfriends complained that all me, his girlfriend and my housemate ever talk about is dicks and men – reality hit when I looked up from my laptop to see my house mate looking through pictures of cocks on her phone and my friend looking at pictures of her boyfriend’s dick on hers – all three of us seriously need to start going to ‘Sluts anonymous’. Anyway, a guy had added me a couple of days earlier and we had spoke the night before about coming around and fucking me. He was the same age as me, half Italian and lived locally so it was very convenient. I had tried implementing my ‘no fuck on first meet’ rule and told him he could take me for a drink, but the conversation soon turned to him sucking me off and I was too trashed to say no. I invited him round the next day (added on Saturday, spoke on Sunday, fucked on Monday – classy as ever Mia …), by the time he arrived I’d decided I was going to drink myself to sleep, so I was wasted. The fuck almost got cancelled as he had text me asking if I would dress him up in some of my clothes, note for future reference – cross dressing DOES NOT in any form turn me on, but I said no and got past it. He arrived and we were making out as soon as I let him through the door, he was really fit in person. He sat on the couch, and I straddled him, kissing him as I took his top off to reveal a half decent body. Like I said, he was only my age so he wasn’t massive but still toned and relatively built. I could feel his hard dick pressing against my arse through his jeans and couldn’t wait to see what he was packing. I began to kiss his neck and move further down his toned stomach as I got on to my knees. I asked him to open his jeans, as I have a slight disability when it comes to buttons and belts- I always have long acrylics on! He did and revealed an absolute monster of dick, it was huge! It probably seemed bigger than it was due to the lack of sleep but it was massive. I had a decent nosh on it before dragging him through to the bedroom, where he pulled my thong off and began performing oral on me. It was his first time, and you could tell – he was a little toothy, but looking down and seeing a sexy Italian lad, on his hands and knees, playing with his hard dick whilst sucking mine, still managed to get me off. We then moved in to a missionary position, with me on top and I began rubbing my dick against his arse which he seemed to enjoy, so I asked if he wanted fucking to which he excitedly agreed. I put a johnny on, and got him on to his hands and knees and started rubbing some lube on his smooth, virgin arse. I then gently slid inside him and began to fuck him slowly – I was too wasted to pound him, I’ll admit it wasn’t one of my best performances but we both enjoyed ourselves. I pulled out when I could feel myself getting close to cumming and blew my load on his face. He tried fucking me, but I was ready for bed and didn’t put much effort in to trying to get him inside my tight arse so he finished himself off on my face. If I had of been sober, the experience would have been a lot more enjoyable. I think at one point I may have caught my tooth on his foreskin; Mybad. But I still got my end away so it’s all good :)

Eassy now boys and girls! It’s been a good four months since I’ve posted my blog so thought it was time for a little update. It sounds stupid, but I’ve matured so much over the last couple of months. My outlooks towards men and sex have changed drastically. Don’t get me wrong, I still love getting my arse pounded by a fit man with a massive dick like but my morals are totally different. I’m not dishing freebies out to just anyone nowadays, sex alone doesn’t interest me as much. I’m kind of looking for more than that now, I know escorting kind of limits the amounts of guys that will be interested in dating me but I’m quite happy to only blow my load on the old men’s faces that are paying for it and enjoy the odd drunken one night stand until I find a guy that understands that work is very different to pleasure or one that is that amazing, I’m happy to stop escorting for and get a ‘real’ job – hopefully it’ll be the first option, 9 to 5 is really not my thing.

For example, a few weeks ago I started speaking to a guy on Facebook. We were having like a real conversation rather than talking about how hard he wanted to fuck me, and after telling him I was trans he was still interested in taking me for a drink. He looked quite hot on his pictures, and we were getting on well so I had high hopes for him, well as high as your hopes can be before meeting someone in person. We swapped numbers and later that night he called me and explained he was feeling really upset about his ex, something had happened at his friends party and he needed someone to talk to, and asked if he could come around for a drink and a chat and said he would be at mine in half an hour. Now, it can take me up to three hours for me to become the beautiful woman that you all know so well, NOT half an hour. But me being the good Samaritan I am agreed and literally dipped my face in my makeup bag before he arrived. As soon as he got here it was very clear he didn’t just want to talk, which I’ll be honest pissed me off a little. I tried my hardest not to have sex with him, but I ended up fucking his arse doggy style before he blew me off to completion – mybaaad. But he called again the next day and said he wanted me to ‘destroy him again’ to which I replied ‘yeah babe, like I said I’m not really interested in just sex … if you want round two, you’re going to have to earn it. Take me out or something, get to know me and that …’, needless to say I never heard back from him. But I’m proud of myself for saying ‘no’.

Another example, I’ve got a really close friend that is also trans. She’s had this boyfriend for the last six months or so who in my opinion seems a bit of a twat. He didn’t want anyone knowing about their relationship, they didn’t really go out anywhere together, it seemed to me to be ‘regular sex’ rather than a ‘relationship’, and it came to an end when a couple of his friends found out. Anyway so my friend had been really upset and down about the situation and we had spoken about him loads. One day I log on to my Facebook account to see a message in my inbox off of him saying ‘why do I find girls like you attractive?’ … now a few months ago I actually said to my friend ‘Babe, I know it makes me a bad person and I don’t mean to do it but if I ever get the opportunity to fuck your boyfriend, I will. So I’m apologizing in advance.’ And up until a few months ago, I would have taken the message from him as an invite in to his boxers and around his dick. Butt, ask me what I did … I inboxed my friend and told her about the messages.

I’ve turned down loads of guys for fucks recently. I’m just not interested in getting used for sex any more, unless of course I’m getting paid for it Ha. But like I said, business is a completely different matter to pleasure. And of course, since I’ve started implying the ‘no fucking on first meet’ rule, I’ve had a couple of drunken slip ups, and there’s one or two guys I just can’t say no to but apart from that .. I’m not really that big of a slag any more. I’m not saying I want to get married or anything, I’d just like to be treat like a princess every now and then; Treat like a princess, and fucked like a porn star ;)